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Can You Guess what Artist Bio Goes with What FACE' "Recognize Your Face" Market Place Ministry . . .

A one liner for me. Toronto, Canadian urban fiction author Kamilah Haywood will be in attendance for this event, selling copies of her books Concrete Jungle and Diamond in the Rough. – Kamilah Haywood

Cleveland Mattison, stage name Just Cleve, is a Canadian is a hip hop recording artist from Toronto, Scarborough. He was born on July 13, 1993 in Toronto, Canada on to a Jamaican father and Jamaican mother. He started writing rhymes when he was in elementary school and found a passion for creating lyric. He grew up in Toronto, Scarborough. He continues to work diligently with his craft to reach his goal which is to spread positive vibes and music which a variety of people can relate to. Stay tuned to hear his music as he releases material.

It has been a long journey for Lavern Lewis to get to where she is today, which is a published author. She has written an adult book ‘Don’t Waste the Years’ and a children’s book ‘Wishes Can Come True’. Lavern is a passionate writer creating books for both adults and children and is working towards writing another adult book ‘Sinful Thoughts’ and a children’s book ‘The Slumber Party’, she has also written over a hundred quotes and recently transformed ‘Wishes Can Come True’ into a coloring book.

"Hailing from Ridgeway Community Housing, Gudini emerged on the scene with his contribution to Rich Kidd's Juno nominated release "In My Opinion". Gudini is currently working on his debut EP, which is scheduled for release in fall 2016."

The commanding presence of Canadian hip-hop artist/entertainer EverythingOShauN is impossible to miss. Formally trained in the performing arts, he can take a crowd the moment he

steps on stage, and carry them throughout an entire performance of vivid energy right unto the

very last note. Off-stage, his diligent drive alone has chauffeured him through many self-sought

successes, slowly but surely with his independent heart and spirit that will continue to trample

any barriers in the way.

EverythingOShauN born to parents of Nigerian and Jamaican lineage in the vibrant cradle of

Toronto, raised with an appreciation for the arts and education. For him, creating music is a

craft: embodying consciousness, everyday struggles, and feelings of all kinds while conveying

them creatively for the purpose of inspiration

Staasia Daniels is a singer/songwriter/performer/entertainer/turtle-lover from the talented city of Toronto.

Music (and food) has always been a passion of hers; it just does this magical thing where it brings her out

of her shell and allows her to express her struggles, experiences, and quirky yet lovable personality.

Her highly-recognized YouTube covers soon turned into a realization of her calling, so she

decided to pursue it seriously and attended college for an Independent Music Study program.

CARSHAE /Pop & R&B’s Newest Triple Threat
Canada has been responsible for giving the music world some of its biggest chart toppers in the past several years: Justin Bieber, Drake, and Deborah Cox to name a few. Carshae is going to be the next artist to join that superstar roster.
Carshae’s first mix tape sure had heads bobbing in the Summer of 2010, with its smooth melodies and catchy hooks.

At an age when most kids are preparing to graduate high school and move on to college, 17 year old Carshae was developing her artistic persona as a singer and as a theatrical actress in productions such as Cinderella, Wicked, and Annie.
Carshae does not believe in being content with just a good voice, her goal is to be ranked amongst the greats.

Canadian born Toronto native known by many as jEWELZ, was bitten by the music bug at the young age of 7, and has always aspired and had dreams of becoming a preforming artist. Drawing motivation from his mother, and support from a strong, driven family he realized he had the perseverance, talent and skills to move forward as did the people before him, Method Man, Max-b, Gucci Mane, Young Jezzy, Lloyd Banks and .
jEWELZ brings sounds of international flair, and his sound reflects the core heart of hip hop both lyrically and melodically. MUCHMUSIC opened their doors recently to jEWELZ and from this allowed to open for rap superstar Jadakiss.The goal for the upcoming months is to work with professional songwriters and learn the craft of writing lyrics; along with working closely with industry executives to better understand the business behind the music.