"A Message Of Hope" - Toronto ... Pass it On!!!


Theme:  “A Message Of Hope” – Toronto

Stop the violence concert series...

Whose putting it on: Abeena Samm & "Recognize Your Face" marketplace ministry

What: “A Message Of Hope” – Toronto

 To join youth and young adults of all faiths, class, creed, gender, colour and culture from diverse communities together and give them hope to rise.  To stop the existing violence that stems from the inside out.

Mission : To Annoint, and Appoint, the Sons of God and Give them "HOPE" to Rise'


Where: TBA

How: Performances by Spoken Word Artists - live Band (Abeena Samm & Marketplace Ensemble) & Special Guest Speaker

Target Audience
: All are Welcome

Where will the money Go :  Maintenance and Various Homeless Shelters

Why should you support us?

  • We are working with other community centers, churches, youth coordinators from the various districts to create a unity within and among the City of Toronto.
  • We believe we have some of the solutions to the issues involving young people, we know what is needed to reach our youth & young adults, and we have the tools and enough volunteer concerned citizens to begin a process of positive change in youths and young adults everywhere.
  • We know and understand that if we are not all involved in the growing transitions, of our youth and young adults the results could become unpleasant for all of us.


Plan of Action:

In this particular project we will use the following techniques: Comedy, Poetry, Music and Prayers. 

How can you help us? 

By partnering with us 
Helping with promotions.
Posting and sharing our evites with your organizations and mailing list  
By passing out and posting up flyers in visible areas.
Donating Gifts and Certificates for giveaways
Monetary help is greatly appreciated and needed

In Conclusion:

Abeena Samm and “Recognize Your Face” Marketplace Ministries Mission is to Heal, Educate and Redirect.  

We all care about our city and its citizens and also realize that partnerships of all kinds are both timely and beneficial. We hope you can assist us in making this event an informative, memorable and blessed one for all.  

Thank you!